CEO Natacha Rafalski drukt dankbaarheid uit naar Cast Members

Dat doet ze in een email.
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Natacha Rafalski, CEO van Disneyland Paris, heeft een email naar alle Cast Members gestuurd om te laten weten hoe erg ze de sluiting vindt. Ze drukt haar dankbaarheid uit voor alle Cast Members die sinds de heropening het beste van hunzelf hebben gegeven.

Ondanks alle voorzorgsmaatregelen die Disneyland Paris had genomen, werd door de Franse President besloten om voor bepaalde delen van Frankrijk terug in lockdown te gaan in de strijd tegen het Coronavirus. Natacha Rafalski vindt dit enorm erg, aangezien alle Cast Members hun best hebben gedaan om alle maatregelen na te leven terwijl ze toch de magie van Disney lieten zien aan de gasten.

"Sinds onze heropening in juli hebben we de ervaring van onze bezoekers opnieuw kunnen uitvinden en de magie tot leven kunnen brengen in onze parken, onze hotels en in Disney Village.", laat ze weten. In de email wordt ook benadrukt dat er een oplossing wordt gezocht voor de contracten die de Cast Members hebben.

Lees de volledige email onder de foto.

Hello everyone,

I really would have liked to be able to address you this morning directly by video, but I wanted to share this information with you as soon as possible.

Yesterday evening, you surely watched the speech of President Emmanuel Macron who shared the government’s plan for a re-containment. These announcements will directly impact many businesses, including ours.

Following the latest measures taken by the French authorities, Disneyland Paris will be closed from the evening of October 29. In anticipation of the Christmas holidays, reservations remain open for stays from December 19, 2020 to January 3, 2021. We hope to be open during this period, if conditions are met and government decisions allow. Disneyland Paris will be closed from January 4 to February 12, 2021 inclusive.

I know how much this announcement affects each and every one of us. And I also know how much this will affect our visitors all the more when I think of the positive feedback they have given us during their recent visit to us. Since our reopening in July, we have been able to reinvent the experience of our visitors and bring the magic to life in our Parks, our Hotels and at Disney Village.

And our Disney Halloween Festival is a great illustration of all this creativity, with these selfie spots that our visitors loved. You have all worked so hard to provide an exceptional environment for our visitors, and I want to tell you how grateful the entire management team and I are for all that you have accomplished, namely providing an incredible visitor experience while enforcing the sanitary measures in place every day.

While our destination will once again close temporarily, I wanted to remind you that we have already committed to extending the use of short-time working until the end of December, and we will meet the members of the CSE and the social partners for the extend until early next year.

I imagine you have some questions. Be aware that your leader will contact you shortly to give you more details on the situation.

In the meantime, thank you for continuing to show up on your hire or telecommute as you have been doing until now. All Cast Members who experience a change of status will receive a communication on their electronic HR safe. Just be aware that these notifications may take several days and run until the end of next week as teams are currently working on managing our temporary shutdown and its implications.

Once again, we are focused on the future of our business and, working alongside social partners to define the best possible options for all of our Cast Members, our visitors and our destination. The exceptional resilience of our company is second to none and I have clear confidence in our future.

The last two weeks of the All Saints holidays have shown that our visitors want to visit us, even during such a complicated period. This confirms our reasons for being optimistic and positive about how we will bounce back from this crisis and I know that you all play a vital role in this dynamic.

We have been able to constantly adjust our way of working, to show an incredible agility and capacity to adapt to this situation … as never we could have done in the past.

You can sincerely be proud of what has been achieved so far. I promise once again to share any important information with you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, continue to take care of yourself and your loved ones and continue to support each other.

Natacha Rafalski

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